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After-sales service

hank you for purchasing our products. In the long use period, the company's products will be close to you, the company's service will be close to you

One year repair

Only the main part of various products

Lifelong Maintenance

Only the main part of various products

The repair period

1. Free of charge for maintenance and materials.

2. If the product is damaged due to abnormal use, the service terms beyond the warranty period shall apply.

3 if there is no local maintenance point, it can be directly mailed to our company. The company will return the repaired products on the second working day after receiving them at the company's expense. If the accessories such as the stabilized voltage power supply and electrode wire are damaged, the Sales Department of the company will inform you to charge for replacement and send them to you on the day of collection.

Out of packaging period

Only the cost of replacing the damaged equipment will be charged.


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Franchise Hotline:021-61109722
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