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Thank you for taking the time to see you become a hidow dealer. Hidow is the original global distributor and manufacturer of dynamic pain relief and personal communication equipment and accessories.
As an independent business person, you can work freely, which is the right time for you, so that you can really enjoy your life. As a hidow distributor, you will meet amazing people who can help others get rid of their pain and stimulate their lives, and they can have the best life.We are the sales department established by the manufacturer, which always guarantees the best quality, the most preferential price and the best service.

Our product advantages:

  • 1. This is a very mission oriented work, amazing product - delivered in a very professional demonstration

  • 2. Sales, through "word of mouth".

  • 3. Convenient marketing tools, banners and customized artwork to expand your business

  • 4. High profit margin

  • 5. Global marketing and national public relations activities

  • 6. Direct delivery of products immediately to ensure excellent customer service

  • 7. Dealer support and personal help to cultivate your enterprise

  • 8. Competitive wholesale prices to ensure maximum profitability

  • 9. Warranty of solid manufacturer

  • 10. Annual business

  • 11. FDA class II medical device approval. All our dealers will be protected from unlimited liability and FDA regulations. Other companies simply register with FDA

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Franchise Hotline:021-61109722
Contact: Mr. Qin 18217500582

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