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Massage wrist guard

This wristband uses conductive surface technology. This is an excellent electrotherapy tool, which can effectively relieve wrist pain, and has the additional function of variable compression and support.

Product Introduction


The massage wrist guard is designed for the highest level, and its service life is more durable than other packages on the market. It is made of high quality nylon instead of cotton and is durable in extreme conditions. This product is used as an alternative to the electrode with the hidow device for long-term use.

With its heavy-duty flexibility, you can provide excellent support as needed to limit the wrist, but it can also be applied slightly to provide freedom of movement. Other less elastic brands limit blood flow, but use massage wristbands for comfort and optimal results.

It’s easy to use this product. Coat with conductor spray and wrap it around your wrist. After that, find comfortable compression for you. Connect the hidow cable and set the device to your preferred device. With hidow’s massage wristband, you can enjoy the convenience

Massage products need to be used with the main machine

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Product accessories


1 Massage wrist guard

A bottle of Massage Essential Oil

1 button type electrode wire

Technical Parameter


Rated power Rated power

Weight of main engine Weight of main engine

Impulse probability <100Hz

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