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Massage gloves

The operation is simple, economical and practical, and the effect of the electronic muscle stimulator produced by our company is the best.

Product Introduction


Product introduction: massage gloves are connected with electronic muscle stimulator (any hidow product) through electrodes. The output physical therapy pulse forms a circuit through the unique electrodes on the massage gloves, which simulates acupuncture, massage and knocking on each meridian and corresponding acupoint area of the whole hand.

Product features: simple operation, economic and practical, with the best effect of electronic muscle stimulator produced by our company.

Health care function: massage gloves will affect the pulse micro current generated by the electronic muscle stimulator on the human hand, and massage the acupoints on the hand to achieve the health care function.

Massage products need to be used with the main machine

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Product accessories


Massage gloves 1 pair

1 button type electrode wire

Square physical therapy electrode film 1 pair

Technical Parameter


Rated power Rated power

Weight of main engine Weight of main engine

Impulse probability <100Hz

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