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Massage Belt

Ergonomic design, easy to massage; It is easy to operate and can be used anytime and anywhere; The electronic muscle stimulator produced by our company has the best effect

Product Introduction


The importance of waist health massage: the waist is the hinge of human body movement, the most powerful part of human body, and the main part to maintain the upright function of human body. People’s life, the waist most of the time in a state of tension. For people who are sedentary in the office for a long time and lack of exercise, or who need to stand for a long time at work, maintaining a posture or posture for a long time is more likely to cause back discomfort. According to traditional Chinese medicine, regular acupoint massage can dredge Qi and blood, prevent and relieve chronic lumbar discomfort, tenderness of waist and knee, and enhance physical fitness.

Product features: ergonomic design, easy to massage; simple operation, can be used anytime and anywhere; with our company’s production of electronic muscle stimulator use the best effect.

Massage products need to be used with the main machine

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Product accessories


Massage belt 1

2 straps

1 button type electrode wire

Technical Parameter


Rated power Rated power

Weight of main engine Weight of main engine

Impulse probability <100Hz

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